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Estate Planning

We’ve all heard it said, “there are but two certainties in life—death and taxes.”  Kenny Chesney once said, “everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to go now.”  Even though none of us like to talk or think about it, each of us is going to pass from this life to the next one day.  When we die, we all want to know that our legacy will live on.  That is what estate planning is geared toward—ensuring that we leave a legacy—and it allows us to define the terms of that legacy in some respects. 

A will allows you to be in control of how your assets are distributed after your death.  From beyond the grave, you’re able to direct when and how your legacy is passed down.  Without a will, you have no control.  The United States government and the state of Mississippi have specific laws to direct the distribution of your assets if you don’t have a will, and its probably not what you want.

Unfortunately, we are all just a breath away from a situation where we are unable to make decisions for ourselves.  If that happens to you, you want someone you can trust to make decisions on your behalf.  The various types of power of attorneys allow you to appoint someone to speak for you when you cannot speak for yourself; this includes decisions about your own health care.  An estate plan is not complete without a power of attorney. 

Probate/Estate Administration

When a loved one passes away, whether or not they had will, in many instances, the law requires that their estate be distributed by following specific rules coordinated by the chancery court.  If your loved one had a will, the process is called probate.  If not, the process is called an estate administration. The two process are very similar but are nuanced to a degree, and the terminology applied in each process is different. Also, each judge and each chancery court district has unique rules and expectations that must be followed to the letter.

In the challenging season that follows the passing of a loved one, it is extremely important to have an attorney to help navigate these complex processes. 

Family Law

Family Law encompasses a number of issues that are an unfortunate reality that arise in our society. One of the most common areas of Family Law is divorce.  The law related to divorce in Mississippi can be exceptionally complex; largely because Mississippi does not have a true “no fault” divorce statute. That means that, in Mississippi, if you want to get divorced, the parties either have to agree to the divorce or one party has to prove at least one of a number of “fault grounds” against the other.  

Other issues that are addressed in a divorce proceeding include the division of property and child custody.  Even in instances where parties agree to get divorced, these issues often arise. In addition to often being contentious, these issues are often extremely complex and warrant the assistance of an attorney whose job is to pursue ensuring you get dealt a fair hand.

General Litigation

There are an infinite number of scenarios you might encounter in life where you are in need of an attorney.  Whether you have been wronged and are seeking counsel to pursue a lawsuit against someone else or if anther party has accused you of some sort of wrong doing, it is important to have legal counsel to guide you through this process.  Newman Law Firm PLLC handles a plethora of litigation areas including automobile accidents, landlord/tenant disputes, contract disputes, and construction disputes just to mention a few. 

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About Newman Law Firm, PLLC

Why did I become a lawyer?

I come from a house full of lawyers.  Both of my parents are attorneys in Mississippi, so I grew up surrounded by the law.  In an interesting dichotomy, my mom loved being a lawyer, but my dad did not particularly enjoy the practice of law.  Having what I considered to be a clear picture of what law practice looked like, I went to college with no intention of becoming a lawyer.  The reality was I did not have a clue what I wanted to do.  While in undergrad at Southern Miss I changed my major a number of times—political science, communications, biology, and finally settling on marketing.  I figured marketing was a good fit as I enjoyed talking to people, and I figured lots of sales jobs could be very lucrative.

When I graduated, I took a job selling commercial insurance.  It was really a life insurance company masked as a property and casualty insurance company.  I loved interacting with people, but I was not particularly passionate about the product I was selling.  My discontentment slowly turned into misery.  I left my insurance sales job after a couple years and went to work for a construction company (literally) digging ditches in order to pay my bills. Lacking a sense of purpose, I was at an all-time low point in my life. 

I vividly remember the day that I decided to be a lawyer.  I went on a white-water rafting trip with my family to North Carolina in hopes of regaining some sense of equilibrium.  After a full day of rafting, I was sitting on an old school bus with stacks of rafts on top.  Exhausted, I laid my head against the back of the seat in front of me.  At that moment I had an epiphany of sorts—I just wanted to help people.  In an instant decades worth of images of people approaching my parents at baseball games, grocery stores, and church flashed before my eyes.  I could hear and see people thanking my parents for counseling them through their lowest points in life.  I recalled how proud that made me feel, and imagined how fulfilling it must have been for my folks to be offered that level of gratitude.  Sitting on that hot, dingy bus, I decided I was going to be a lawyer and pursue a career in which I could help people at their lowest of lows.  That is why I am a lawyer—I just want to help.

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